Our Factory

TIALS Studio was born in 2013. We wanted to create a safe working environment that provided equal job opportunities for the locals in Indonesia, where the brand and founder was born. We stand for women empowerment through promoting individuality, helping all women across the world and committing to be a fair trade brand. Everything is made in the island of Bali and manufactured in our own fair trade studio. With this we are able to control our quality and design the best products for you.


Fair Trade is a social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. THIS IS A LOVE SONG was born in Bali so it was important for us to keep this element and support the community that supports us.  
We want to bring attention to our hard working professionals. They make every piece with care and precision. Some people forget when they buy something that there was someone in a factory somewhere that had to make it. We just wanted to remind you and give gratitude where it is due.