Collection: Ellsy Hair

Ellsy Hair, founded in August 2021 by lifelong best friends Stella and Mesya, proves that great business partnerships can be as close as besties of 10 years. Our mission is simple yet significant: to provide a fresh, enjoyable, and healthier approach to achieving stunning hair. We took on the challenge of creating our own heatless hair kit, a journey marked by rejections from many vendors. Undeterred, we launched the Dreamy Hair Kit, meticulously crafting and curating every piece with our own designs, and having them handcrafted by talented artisans in Indonesia.

In the beginning, we were uncertain about the demand, but to our delight, our Ellsy Besties have embraced our creations. They've found that our products offer the joy of achieving gorgeous curls without heat damage, all while being fun to use and wear. We're thrilled to have sold over 1,000 pieces in our first year, reaching customers all across Indonesia, even in remote areas like Papua. As we expanded, we introduced more products, including satin headbands and modern French hairpins, and are currently preparing to launch eco-friendly hair tools made of wood.

Our product line is designed to be creative and enjoyable. We believe that having fun and embracing your hair should go hand in hand with making it perfect. That's why our tools and accessories are here to let you experiment and get to know your hair better. Plus, they're all locally made by our skilled workers, using premium materials.

At Ellsy Hair, we take pride in our products and are excited to introduce them to the international community. Our Dreamy Hair Kits and Accessories are all about creating the hair of your dreams while adhering to sustainable design practices. We're also proud to be a women-owned and operated business, reflecting our dedication to empowering and celebrating women.