Collection: Kamaya Jewelry

Kamaya, meaning "the precious one," emerged from a profound love for the sea. Inspired by the enchanting shores of Bali, the founder discovered a deep connection with the sand, sea, and the treasures brought back from the coastline.

In the heart of Kamaya, we celebrate the diverse forms of beauty through our sea jewelry collections. Crafted to honor individuals from all walks of life, each piece captures the essence of summer's colors and the seaside's texture. Handmade by Bali artisans, our jewelry features sterling silver 925 with 18k gold plating and showcases handpicked sea glass, preserving its raw and genuine beauty.

Our Marjani collection pays homage to the vast and magnificent aquatic life. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of coral and the graceful forms of sea creatures, each piece is a tribute to the serenity and richness found beneath the waves.

Transporting you to carefree days of island living, the Marjani collection embodies the sea's splendor with its colors, luxurious textures, and fluid lines. Kamaya stands proud as an ethically made, eco-friendly, women-owned, and operated brand. We are committed to good intentions and sustainable production practices. Our skilled Balinese artisans ensure each piece is crafted with care, and fair wages are provided. By exclusively using handpicked sea glass, we contribute to sustainability and upcycling efforts, transforming discarded fragments into exquisite, eco-friendly jewelry. Join us on this journey of celebrating beauty, sustainability, and the wonders of the sea with Kamaya.
Kamaya Jewelry