Collection: The Self Hug

In 2020, amid the pandemic, our founders encountered mental health challenges. What they discovered was that they weren't alone; 75% of young adults were facing mental health struggles, 60% lacked physical activity, and 25% were grappling with sleep problems. Fueled by this pressing issue, The Self Hug was born, dedicated to providing essential mental health tools and practices to help young adults prioritize their mental well-being and establish healthier habits.

Fast forward to June 2021, when The Self Hug unveiled its first series of guided journals, making behavioral change accessible, simple, and beautiful. These science-based guided journals serve as a pathway to building healthier habits and enhancing mental health.

The Self-Reflection Journal, our initial offering, leverages the science of self-reflection, while The Self-Discovery Journal is rooted in the concept of holistic wellness. Our Self-Transformation Journals are inspired by the transformative power of journaling, helping you adopt healthier habits, improve mental health, and become the best version of yourself.

At The Self Hug, we don't just offer tools; we build a community. "The Group Hug" brings wellness experts and enthusiasts together through webinars, panel discussions, and practical workshops, fostering collective well-being. We're committed to sustainable design, eco-friendly materials, and take pride in being a women-owned and operated venture with a profound social impact. Together, we're on a mission to prioritize mental health and wellness for all.