Koleksi: Ant.things

Amid the whirlwind of 2020, one little thing took the world by storm once more: phone strings. It was our customers who ignited the spark, urging us to create these functional accessories with our signature touch of fun and dynamism.

In our capsule collection for the holidays, we introduce Phone Strings, each inspired by the mystical 7 chakras within our bodies and the vibrant energy of Bali's summers. Our Phone Strings are all about embracing the spirit of fun and dynamism.

At Ant.things, we pour our hearts and souls into every creation. We draw inspiration from the human experience, stories, paintings, songs, poems, and the wonders of nature, transforming them into vibrant patterns. Each Phone String carries its own name and a unique story, waiting to be shared with you. We're here to remind you that even in the little things, there's magic and meaning.