Koleksi: Bumi Being

Bumi Being, a fragrance brand rooted in the heart of Bali, blossomed from a lifelong passion for perfumery and sentimental connections. Our carefully curated collections of mindfully crafted products are designed to accompany beings on a journey of transcendence, as they redefine their space with euphoric scents.

Our aromatherapy incense sticks are a testament to responsible craftsmanship, ensuring an unparalleled experience. These incense sticks offer:

- Minimal smoke for a safer indoor environment.
- Asthmatic-friendly design, prioritizing well-being.
- Cool ash fall, minimizing the risk of fire hazards.
- Versatility for both indoor and outdoor settings.

At Bumi Being, sustainability and eco-friendliness are our guiding principles. We take pride in being women-owned and operated, with deep Indonesian roots. Each kit includes a recycled plastic holder, reflecting our commitment to eco-conscious design. Join us on this fragrant journey, and let the scents of Bali uplift your space. 🌸