Koleksi: Pulau Skincare

Escape to the land of 17,000 islands with every use of PULAU skincare. PULAU, meaning "island" in Indonesian, is made with love in the island of the gods, Bali. Our natural, vegan-friendly products capture the essence of tropical paradise - from the scents to the feels. Take a moment to treat yourself, because on island time, it's all about nourishing and nurturing the skin you're in. Turn your skincare routine into a luxurious daily ritual for a healthy and glowing complexion.
Our skincare products are made in Bali, made from natural ingredients, no toxic harmful chemicals, Reef-safe, vegan, for all skin type, for men and women, can be used before and after sun.
We're young, dynamic, and full of wanderlust, Grew up and been living for over a decade on the island of the Gods, with a deep appreciation for the beauty of the ocean. Pulau Skincare was born from our love of travel and our desire to create a luxurious, natural skincare routine that could accompany us on our tropical adventures. Inspired by our after-surf hangs in Bali, Indonesia, we crafted our first line of after-sun products that are now the foundation of our dreamy skin care line. And we are excited to expand our product range over the next few years. We believe that your skin is the most important part of your body. That's Why We've set out to make products that protect and nourish after spending time from the sun and ocean, while also making sure to leave as little trace as possible in nature.

We prioritize ethical production and sustainable design in our women-owned and operated brand, creating vegan fashion that's both stylish and eco-friendly. Soon, we'll be giving back by donating to an organization in Indonesia. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards fashion that aligns with our values.

"Pulau skincare is the perfect companion for your island adventures"