Lillie Bernie
is a model and artist from London who we recently collaborated with in Bali, Indonesia. We hung out with this multi talented babe in our new store/showroom space where she created a one of a kind mural just for us.

Wearing the Piper Bra + Samantha Briefs in Stone

How did you discover your passion for art?

 I discovered my passion for art when I was in school and we put my final painting up in my family home, and people would always comment on it and tell me that I should keep painting. So, about two years ago I decided to pick my paint brush up again and it pretty much didn’t stop there.

Wearing the Ida Bra + Ida Panty in Black

When did you make your first art piece and what was it?

 My first art piece was actually the one we put up in my house. It was an abstract painting that was based on the movement of light and how light travels, and from there I was able to see different shapes and how to explore texture and color, which I still use in my work today.

Wearing the Piper Bra + Piper thong in white

People say you don’t look like an artist/ that you won’t be taken seriously being both a model and an artist. Why do you think people have this view? What do you say to these people?

 I think people in general like to categorize other people because it makes it easier for them to understand. People don’t want you to have a dual profession, or they want to put you in a box and my thing is that you don’t need to fit into what people want you to fit into. Being an artist definitely has its challenges but, it makes it even more important for me to show that just because you’re one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t be something else, and I just hope I can prove them wrong.

Wearing the Piper Bra + Piper thong in white

Who is your favourite artist?

I have two favorite artists: Bram Bogart and Jason Martin. They’re both amazing, and use so much texture and have an incredible technique which, I hope to translate in my work too. 

What is the most rewarding thing about living the freelance life?

A freelance life is definitely a hard life, but I am addicted to it. It’s the ups and the downs that keep me excited about progressing in my career. I always say having the downs are horrible but it makes you appreciate the ups so much. It’s the best type of job to be able to do your work and people appreciate it the way you do.

Wearing the Ida Bra + Ida Panty in Black

If you were a love song what would you be?

My favorite love songs are by Khalid. He just is my favorite and he makes me want to cry every time I hear his voice. I hope that he can play at my wedding someday.

 What’s next for Lillie?

Next, I’m doing a show in September that will be in London, which I’m so excited about. It’s about supporting upcoming artists who don’t fit into the conventional way of being an artist, like myself. Also, just kind of keeping on painting and developing my skills, and just continuing what I’m doing, and I’m so excited for the future.

Watch the rest of the interview here  and don’t forget to visit our new space in Bali. We are currently open in Jl. Nakula 88 - Legian.

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