Collection: Wild About Collective

Wild About is more than a fashion brand; it's a vibrant community empowering authentic women to embrace their unapologetic selves and prioritize their unique purpose. Your purpose is your life's essence, defining who you are and what you stand for. Each collection we launch aims to inspire individuals to embark on their journey, finding their purpose and living a life they're truly Wild About.

As a Bali-based slow fashion brand, Wild About is committed to sustainability, from fabrics and factories to our footprint and finish. Teaming up with Carvico, we use high-end recycled fabrics, including ECONYL® yarn sourced from Italy—100% regenerated from discarded fishing nets and nylon waste worldwide. People and Planet are at our core, advocating for high-quality, long-lasting pieces and fair treatment for all.

Our eco-conscious approach extends to packaging, featuring reusable RPET pouches made from post-consumer waste plastic and polybags crafted from 100% Recycled Plastics, giving existing materials a second life. Explore our collections: The Oasis Collection, a nature-inspired journey of healing, and The Gold Dust Collection, where discarded plastic transforms into functional, resilient, and beautiful pieces.

Ethically made, eco-friendly materials, women-owned and operated, and a commitment to social impact—Wild About invites you to join a community that celebrates purpose, sustainability, and the joy of living a life truly wild about.