Koleksi: We Like Bali

Welikebali the Label is our personal love letter to Bali. Made under the Bali sun. We design each piece to be in your wardrobe for a lifetime. Hold on to your Bali tees, cause will one day they will be vintage! We are conscious of our footprint and therefore working with only local tailors, sourcing our fabrics on the island. We personally know each person that make your cloths and are proud to support the local community in this way. We choose to not mass produce and will always choose ethics over cutting costs. Every piece that you see and wear from us, is handmade. With you shopping at us, you are supporting small, local owned businesses in Bali. As we’re slowly growing into a more mature label we will continue to improve on aspects of sustainability and environment. All our packaging is plastic free and eco-friendly.

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