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Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask - Black

Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask - Black

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Experience the epitome of luxury with our Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. Crafted from premium silk, it offers unparalleled comfort, promoting deep and uninterrupted rest.

Designed to reduce friction and absorb less face cream than other masks on the market, our sleep mask ensures a gentle and indulgent experience for your skin.

With perfect light coverage and adjustable elastic, our sleep mask is tailored to provide maximum comfort while maintaining your skin's hydration levels.

Elevate your nightly routine with our Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask, where luxury meets functionality for the ultimate sleep experience.

Care Instructions: Wash under 30 degrees Celsius, avoid using Dry Machine for optimal maintenance.

Let’Silk is a prestigious French brand, hailing from the enchanting south of France. Our brand is dedicated to promoting a healthy nightly routine and facilitating the ultimate sleep experience. Elevate your sleep experience with Let’Silk, where indulgence meets wellness.

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